Modbus OPC Server R2018
User guide

Server Toolbar

Server Toolbar

New Project

1. New Project
Create a new OPC server project.

Open Project

2. Open Project
Open a new OPC server project.

Start Polling

3. Start Polling
Start polling data from the field devices.

Save Changes/Project

4. Save Changes/Project
Save project settings and changes.

Stop Polling

5. Stop Polling
Stop collecting field value. Please note that the OPC server will still update the clients even if you stop polling. The client application will not receive a bad quality event when you stop polling.

View used IP's

6. View used IP's
View all IP addressed that are being used by your server project.

View used COM's

7. View used COM's
View all used serial COMM ports.

Find Point

8. Find Point
Search for tags/points.

View system statistics

9. View system statistics
View system statistics. Useful to see how a device is responding to commands also system duty cycle.

New channel

10. New channel
Create a new channel (Ethernet or Serial). The add device wizard will open and will guide your through the steps.

New device

11. New device
Create a new device for a specific channel.

New group/sub device network

12. New group/sub device network
Create a group of points or sub net of tags/points. Please note that this is a virtual group that allow you to structure your data as it is in the field.

New tag/point

13. New tag/point
Create a new tag.

New online tag/point

14. New online tag/point
Create a new online tag/point. These are online weather points, it basically allow you to make your own weather station at the server level.

New transfer tag/point

15. New transfer tag/point
Create a new transfer tag/point. This point is a virtual point that moves data from one device to another or within the same device. Useful to share setpoints across your entire server network.

Send user AE message

16. Send user AE message
Send a custom user message to the alarm and event window.

Open OPC Quick Client

17. Open OPC Quick Client
Start the opc client. If you have an OPC client application, you can started from here.

Open Notification Manager

18. Open Notification Manager
Opens the notification manager to allow you manage users and contacts for notification freom the server.

Get online help

19. Get online help
Get online help at

Open data view

20. Open data view
View your device data at the server level, useful to ensure your devices and network are configure correctly.